This picture reminds me that I’m a risk taker. I try and say that I’m not, but deep down I know I am. I take a lot of risks in a lot of different areas. Just over a month ago I took one, well really, I took a giant leap off of a tall cliff. On the way down the wind felt good and I felt like I was flying but then I hit the ground and laid there bruised and a little broken.

Today looking at this picture I reflect on my “pilot” the man strapped to my back that did all the work. The only part I had was to take the risk of actually jumping out the door, putting my faith in my pilot. The rush was exhilarating, profound, breathtaking (literally! it’s really cold at 14,000 ft.!) and watching the world beneath me will forever be a memory I carry with me. This is God to me. My pilot strapped to my life. With Him I can take risks (faith) and enjoy the ride as He guides. Sadly, I left Him at the top of the cliff the last time I leapt and although the ride down was exhilarating, profound and breathtaking…the landing was not. Suddenly the world spun before my eyes and came up to meet me. I didn’t know how to work the parachute.

I will continue to take risks. I’m not going to back away from something in fear of what could happen! I’m going to step out in faith, giving my all, in hopes of exhilarating, profound and breathtaking goodness. The difference is this time I’ll make sure I don’t do it alone, but with the God who loves me and will safely see me to the ground.

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