Holding Pattern

This is the state I’m in now…the holding patten. Starting at the end of last year and over the last few weeks I have felt God leading me to a God chosen plan. I don’t have all the facts, people or places but I know there is something underway. I have some thoughts as to what it may be and I am praying and researching to make sure I am on the right path.

The thing is….nothing is happening. I’m just holding. Holding/waiting may be the same thing, but for me this “holding pattern” is feeling a lot different than waiting. I KNOW there is something around the bend, yet I’m having to hold off. I make steps toward what I think God wants me to do, but everytime something comes up and it’s like as if God is stretching out His hand on saying “Hold on a minute….not yet”

While sitting here reflecting on this it came to mind of being on a plane. Ever been on a plane and you are waiting to land and the pilot lets you know you are in a holding pattern? Something ahead has the pilot circling the airport. I looked “holding pattern” up on Google and I was suprised to learn that the plane actually moves in a circular motion. (A usually circular pattern flown by aircraft awaiting clearance to land at an airport in a circular motion) This has a lot of simularity of what I am feeling. The last few days I have been circling some things I thought I had already dealt with and I have had to say deep prayers to keep myself from falling into some old traps. Doubts have crowded my mind of the usefulness I can bring. Doubts of if I heard things right.

When you are on that above metioned plan, you are assured of your destination. They checked your boarding pass before you got on. You have trust in the pilot not to forge ahead if the way isn’t safe to do so. So you sit in the holding patten not doubting you are going the wrong way. This has been a strong liking to my situation and it has made me re-check my faith.

God is my pilot. He knows the destination. He knows the dangers, the would be crashes up ahead. His holding pattern is designed to keep me safe, to keep His plan safe. The circling motion of old traps keeps me praying, keeps me aware of the pitfalls if I land to early I take in the full knowledge of this, so I sit back put my earphones back on and trust I’ll be there soon enough.

Journey on, friends!