Sing over me, Sarah

Just got finished reading the book of Genesis and I think it just very well be my favorite book of the Bible right now.  It is so full of God’s promises and the faith it took to wait for those promises.  Many devotions on faith have  been written about Abraham and his faith in believing in those promises.  He definitely was what I would consider a faithful man.

But I have to say that it wasn’t Abraham that spoke to me the most, it was his wife, Sarah.   I idenify with her more I guess.  She laughed when God told her she would have a son.  It wasn’t logical.  It wasn’t possible.   That’s the way I feel about a situation in my life and anytime I allow myself to believe, I laugh at it and say God doesn’t see my worthy of this promise.  Okay, well maybe I cry instead of laugh, but it’s the same disbelief.    I’ve been thinking about Sarah a lot the last couple of days and how she must of felt when the promise came true and I want that.  I can only imagine the joy she must have felt holding that baby boy in her arms.  I want that laughter of joy and thanksgiving.  I wrote this today while journaling.  It is my hearts desire to feel her joy over a received promise.

Sing over me, Sarah!

Sing songs of promise

Bless me with thy barren womb

Sing to me oh, Sarah!

Sing to me laughter and joy

Bless me with the story of your barren womb

Show me faith not logic

Pray over me from your heavenly home

Sing songs of deliverance

Laugh with me in God’s goodness

Show me that barren can become promise

Sing over me, Sarah!

Sing of God’s promise fufilled